The Instant Tigers: Just add amplification!

The Instant Tigers are a power trio originally from Santa Fe New Mexico who are now based In Berlin. Their influences include The Dandy Warhols, BMRC, The Black Angels, The Stone Roses, and the whole late 70's New York CBGB scene. Vintage guitars, and vintage amps give them a classic sound.

From an upbeat Rock foundation they swerve periodically into Psychedelic and Indie Rock territory during their high octane live performances. Their layered video projections during the concert augment the immersive nature of the music. Occasionally they do unplugged shows with a reduced set up that allows song writing and lyrics to be the main focus.

The Band consists of brothers David and Carl Smith on guitar and bass respectively and Maurice Frank on drums. Maurice's volatile drumming, combined with Carl's relentless bass picking and Dave's Incendiary guitar riffs produce together a Rock’n Roll sound that won't let you down!

Contact / Imprint:

Carl M. Smith
Kollwitzstrasse 64
10435 Berlin, Germany

Tel: (49) 15152515021

Rock on!

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